Farty Slots

4.5 ( 8115 ratings )
Giochi Intrattenimento Casinò Famiglia
Sviluppatore Adrian Cummings
0.99 USD

Previous player comments...
"Good game and fun!" ✭✭✭✭✭ SegoiPhone (US).
"Very fun theme with this one. A little gross." ✭✭✭✭ Drelbs (US).

The farting casino slot / fruit machine game!

Play probably the most unusual slot / fruit machine ever in Farty Slots.

Fart your way to the top in this fun game by pulling the chain to spin the reels.

Featuring Holds, Nudges and Multi-Combo Farts, you can select farts when lit to win even more points.

Bet as many farts as you dare before you flush and try to win the Mega Fart Jackpot!


* Farting Fun.
* Holds.
* Nudges.
* Min. & Max. Farts.
* Multi-Combo Farts.
* Best Farts Save.
* Realistic Sounds.
* New Slots Engine.